Why CityPads

CityPads develops housing for people living in cities and neighborhoods now and in the future. We make cities better and more affordable by focusing on walkable, transit oriented neighborhoods, using density to drive affordability, de-emphasizing parking, and enabling convenient consumer driven operations.

The secret of walkable, transit oriented neighborhoods in LA and Chicago

Equity, inclusion and opportunity starts with safe and attainable housing in neighborhoods close to jobs, culture, and transportation.

Foot traffic drives business to local retail, shops, coffee shops, and restaurants

Walkable neighborhoods are safer and more social. Putting eyes on the street and allowing people to bump into and know their neighbors. Jane Jacobs would be proud.

Density that drives affordability

Housing typologies that reflect the way people live in neighborhoods and cities today. Designing and building like this gives people access to the cities and neighborhoods where they want to live at prices they can afford

Traditional Units

Micro Units

Coliving Units

We build housing for people, not cars.

The future is walkable (close to neighborhood retail), uses light rail, rapid buses, micro mobility, autonomous vehicles, bikes, scooters, and ride sharing. Less expensive and more convenient.

Building less parking allows for more attainable housing to be built, lowering construction costs and rents at the same time. It also enhances neighborhood social interaction, community engagement, and makes streets and sidewalks safer.

Putting the emphasis on human interaction, safety, and on the sidewalk community activity.

Operating brands, marketing and leasing, and technology enabled management platforms that meet renters where they are and make living in cities better and more convenient

Modern marketing and leasing that meets renters where they are makes sure the housing being built finds the people who are looking for it.

Leveraging technology that enables CityPads to scale at the same time.

Operating brands

Strong asset brands make it easy on renters, enable clarity, and lead to better asset performance and resident satisfaction.

Technology driven management

Making it easier and more convenient for renters so they can spend more time doing what they love!

​​Direct to consumer marketing and leasing

Meeting renters where they are. Digital marketing, SEO, brand marketing, and on the ground and local advertising, marketing, and leasing.

Focus on the renter experience and community

Great execution and operations should enable residents to love the place they live and the people around them. If the actual building eventually fades into the background, we’re doing our job.

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